Spring Goals: The Road to Wellness


Sometimes life gets crazy—too many changes, obligations, and stresses can put your own health and wellness on the back burner. This is the situation that fitness and wellness advocate Lauren Young finds herself in after a crazy cross-country move. Now, she’s pressing reset and setting goals to get back on track. Read her story.


Last year, my wife and I moved from Chicago to Portland, OR and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. As if a cross-country move wasn’t enough, we both started new jobs, kept old jobs as contractors, worked on building our community in a new city, and bought a house. During that time, we tried—but often failed—to take care of ourselves physically and mentally.

We’re both ex-athletes and this was the first time in our lives that we struggled with working out

consistently. It’s made me feel like a visitor in my own body, self-conscious, and extremely drained.

This spring, we’re taking the first steps back into physical and mental health. Finding a starting place has been overwhelming, but I am treating this as I do all other parts of my life: setting goals with timelines. By my 30th birthday in June, I want the following mental and physical practices to be established and consistent in my daily life.


Mental Goals:

Lead with compassion. Instead of picking myself apart, I’m going to catch negative thoughts and replace them with statements of thanks and affirmation.

Sleep. Time to prioritize it! I’m not a great sleeper and am guilty of depriving my body of the sleep it needs. The body needs time to recover, so let it rest.

Make two right choices a day. Changing bad habits can feel consuming. Instead of letting it overwhelm me, I’m committing to making at least one healthy decision before 12pm and one after.


Physical Goals:

Wake up and workout. Some mornings feel impossible to prioritize a grueling morning workout over my cozy bed—but no more sinking back into the sheets. I’ve always stuck to morning workouts better and I am getting back on the early bird train.

Listen to my body. I need to be mindful of how hard and when to push myself. I will ease into the fun stuff like trail runs and high impact workouts, and combine them with lighter practices like yoga, pilates and strength-focused lifting.

Move for that booze. At the end of a long day, there’s nothing more relaxing than a glass of wine while cooking dinner. I aim to make that my reward, rather than a habit. If I wake up and work out in the morning, I get my wine at night.

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