Clean Beauty for Spring


In honor of spring cleaning, you may have already cleared out your closets and tidied up your drawers, but have you looked through your bathroom cabinets? Because now’s also a good time to think about clean beauty for spring. Wellness advocate Lauren Young is here to help you get a fresh start with your skincare and beauty routine.


Clean skincare and cosmetics are a huge passion of mine. I discovered the clean beauty movement about five years ago when I was modeling and haven’t looked back. Since I’ve been working with and exploring clean beauty for quite some time, I’ve narrowed down an awesome selection of must-haves. I am all about the no-makeup makeup look, so if you’re into treating your skin in a non-toxic, effective way—keep reading.


Skincare Must-Haves





  • Evan Healy HydroSouls: An ultra-moisturizing water that is an ideal pre-step before applying your moisturizers. (FYI: A HydroSoul plumps, hydrates, balances pH, and calms skin.)








Makeup Must-Haves








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