Break A Sweat With Your BFF


It’s National Best Friends Day, which means it’s time to show some extra love to the pal who always has your back. These workouts were designed with a partner in mind, so grab your sidekick and get to it! Remember: You can perform one to three sets of each exercise depending on the length and intensity of your desired workout.



Tango Lunge (30 Seconds Per Side)

Stand about two feet from your partner, facing one another with your palms touching. One partner steps back into a lunge while the other steps forward into a lunge (each person bends both knees to 90 degrees and lightly taps their back knee to the ground.) Alternate between forward and backward lunges for 30 seconds. Switch legs and continue for another 30 seconds.


Donkey Kick Hand Tap (60 Seconds)

Face your partner on hands and knees at least a few inches away from each other. Lift opposite hands and legs. Tap your partner’s hand while you lift your leg behind you (keep a 90-degree bend in the knee, aiming to bring your thigh parallel to the ground.) Hips should be square throughout.


Double Glute Bridge (30 Seconds)

Lie on your backs and press the soles of your feet together. Squeeze your butt and hamstrings to lift your hips off the ground and feet toward the sky.


Teeter Totter Stand Up (60 Seconds)

Stand facing your partner and hold each other’s forearms. One partner sits as the other bends at the waist, keeping weight in your heels to support the other. Alternate positions.


Tabletop Toe Tap (30 Seconds Per Side)

Face your partner on hands and knees about one foot apart from each other. Raise and angle a straightened leg forward toward your partner as high as possible (aim for parallel to the ground.) Tap toes and return your leg to starting position, continuing rep for 30 seconds. Switch legs and complete for another 30 seconds.


Roundhouse Squat Kick (60 Seconds)

Stand facing your partner with feet wider than hip width apart. One partner squats while the other kicks up and over their head, landing in a squat position. Alternate squatting and standing positions with your partner, and alternate which leg kicks.


Squatting Side Step (60 Seconds)

Stand facing your partner with feet hip width apart. Hold forearms and squat together, leaning away from each other as you lower creating a counter balance. Keep low and shuffle one step side to side.


Workout by Julie Anne Cormier & Juliette Lauer

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