5 All-Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy


If the slight peeks of spring sunshine haven’t boosted your energy already, I have a few tips that just might do the trick—I swear by these rituals and products!

Rituals I Follow:

  1. Meditate first thing: When I can’t get my head off the pillow in the morning, meditation ALWAYS does the trick. Sometimes it’s the last thing I want to do, but I never regret it once I’m done. Guided meditations or meditation apps are and will continue to be my go-to morning pick-me-up.
  2. Swap your coffee for tea: If you’re like me, morning coffee is a must. But on the days I can’t seem to get myself going, I fight my natural urge to guzzle a cup of joe and swap it out for tea (specifically green or black). Some teas have higher levels of caffeine than coffee does and, in my opinion, the boost is immediate and doesn’t give me the shakes or anxiety I get from coffee.
  3. Move, move, move: I try to do what my body naturally wants to do. If it’s a walk around the block on my lunch break, a short jog after work, a few jumping jacks at my desk (yep, I’m THAT person)—my body is energized by movement. The moves don’t have to be intense or extensive; the trick is to try to get my body mobile. Not only is movement great for boosting energy, but it’s vital for long-term physical and mental health.
  4. Surround yourself with positive energy: Everyone has days where nothing seems to work and exhaustion takes over. On those days, I bring in the reserves and phone a friend—but not just any friend. I try to hang out with the one friend who won’t let me be lazy, makes conversation easy, and allows me to be 100% myself. Genuine interactions with others are oftentimes the unexpected magic bullet.
  5. Laugh: When all else fails, I fake it until I make it. I come up with any excuse to laugh, giggle, smile—any excuse to be jolly. I don’t know if there’s any science behind it, but everytime I’m in a really giggly mood I notice my energy levels spike.


Products I Use:

  1. The Jasmine Pearl Tea Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea
  2. Saje Natural Wellness Energy Revitalizing Oil Blend
  3. Prince of Peace Red Panax Ginseng



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