What to Wear While You Find Nirvana


It can be tricky to predict what to wear during a yoga session, whether you’re a newbie or seasoned practitioner. Which leggings will stay in place during side pyramid pose? Which tanks won’t ride up during downward dog? These are the questions we want to answer so that you can focus on what actually matters during your practice—self-reflection, discipline, and positive energy.

There’s plenty of different yoga classes to choose from, so here’s our guide for what to wear to each (featuring just released styles from our June collection)! Stay comfortable and confident on the mat and beyond.


Things Are Heating Up

Hot yoga is guaranteed to generate some serious sweat! Classes are set in a room typically heated from 90-105 degrees Fahrenheit with up to 40% humidity. This practice is great for sweating out toxins and getting your heart rate up. Just make sure to hydrate before, during, and after your class!

Since moisture is a big component to this session, choose sweat-wicking and quick-drying fabrics with anti-microbial properties!

Unity 3-Piece Outfit


Go With the Flow

The foundation of Vinyasa yoga is moving from pose to pose in a fluid way and linking your breath to each movement. Each class you attend will have a different sequence, so be prepared for sun salutations, standing balancing poses, twists, backbends, hip opening stretches, arm balances, and inversions.

Consider wearing stretchy pieces that are close-fitting yet comfortable to move in—maybe even while you’re upside down!

Soar 2-Piece Outfit


Own Your Ohm

Kundalini yoga is a blend of uplifting techniques and sacred practices to increase awareness of your internal energy and create balance in the body. The practice incorporates meditation, chanting, movement, and breathwork.

Kundalini practitioners typically wear all-white outfits since the color is believed to strengthen your aura and magnify the energy you create while practicing. The key is comfort, so flowy pieces and lightweight fabrics are a stylish yet functional choice.

Flux 3-Piece outfit


Count to Zen

Yin yoga consists of deep stretches, held for longer periods in order to build endurance and flexibility. Each posture is typically held for three to five minutes so you can fully relax and access the deeper connective tissue and fascia of each working area. This practice also helps calm the mind, create greater stamina, and increase mobility in the body.

We recommend light layers so you can stay comfortable during the class opening and savasana.

Flutter Outfit


Time to Fly!

Take an aerial yoga class where, unlike a traditional yoga class, you’ll move through poses in a silk hammock or sling that is suspended from the ceiling. The hammock acts as a supportive prop and can be a wonderful way for students to access various poses that they may not be able to do on the ground, such as inversions!

For aerial yoga, seamless pieces are the way to go! Avoid baggy clothing or pieces with zippers and embellishments that may get caught in the hammock.

Empower 2-piece Outfit

Written by Diana Welham. Follow her at: @dianawelhamyoga

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