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Pre and Post Workout Smoothies

Ready for a workout and need some extra fuel to get you through that one last push up? All smoothies and juices can be customized to your liking, but if you're a first time juicer or smoothie maker, you may want to start with these key ingredients to get you started. Fruit smoothie ingredients Start by ...

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Why Leggings Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Let me get to the chase here. I may not be as flexible as a rhythmic gymnast, but when I purchase leggings, they must be at least more flexible than I am. Here are two general rules when purchasing leggings: Stretch - As we age, our muscles, our skin and pretty much anything that can stretch, looses their elasticity. Leggings ...


Foods that boost your mood

Has your high from your New Year's resolution found it's way to the gutter?  Has your mood gone down with it?  Have no fear, we're bringing you foods to help boost you back on track. 1. Oranges Pump your body with fresh Vitamin C to get your body feeling refreshed and ready to go.  Need more ...