Fit & Fly Girl Retreat Experience


Samantha W from Annapolis, MD has been a Fabletics member for nearly two years. She’s a natural athlete and enjoys body weight intervals, running and cycling. She credits Fabletics with helping her regain her femininity and confidence to be herself. Chasing three young boys around, it is important for her to look put together even though she feels as if she may be falling apart on the inside.  “Without finding this line, I am not sure I would have resumed my exercise routine after my third child because I felt ugly and uncomfortable in every other brand before I tried Fabletics.  Even though I now know exactly which style works best on me, the excellent customer service is paramount to my continuing to be a customer.  I cannot get to a store with all my boys, and it is just plain not fun, but I can order clothes, try them on in the evening when I feel calm and leisurely and easily return what I don’t like the next day.  It doesn’t get any better than that for any busy woman, whether she’s a full time mom or professional.”


Tell us a bit about your health and wellness journey.

I have been an athlete my entire life. I excelled without having to work hard and didn’t really follow any routines besides field hockey. My third and fourth pregnancies were close, resulting in my amazing third and final little boy; however, the lack of recovery time in between pregnancies wreaked havoc on my body. It hurt to run, my energy levels were zilch and I wasn’t sure what else to do since my go-to exercise left me in pain and depressed. I wasn’t losing the baby weight and I turned to using the baby as an excuse to give in.  As someone who did a spin class two days before birth, my family recognized the issue and we all sat down to figure it out. I expressed the guilt I felt in going to the gym in the morning because I would leave the boys and there was a possibility it would make my husband late for work, or in the evening because that was our time to be together after school. My middle son Olly said “But mommy, I need to you strong because when I am a teenager, you might need to pick me up and carry me.” His words stuck with me and I made the commitment to start lifting heavy to improve my strength and my cardio naturally started to improve, reenergizing my drive.  Family is my most important job, but I have to be strong enough and sane enough to do it well.  Now I am stronger than ever, more knowledgeable about training and nutrition and overall much happier and confident.


How did you feel before heading to the retreat?

I felt great.  I was in the middle of a twelve week lifting program from Hers Muscle and Fitness magazine.  I worked out 5 days a week with three days cardio.  Physically I was great.  Mentally, I needed a break.  I had never spent any time away from my kids, except for four days to visit my folks, and my eldest is about to turn 8.  The opportunity came at the perfect moment.



Tell us about your trip to Tulum.

We went to each activity on the trip; Coba, Sian Khan, an underground cenote and Tulum Ruins. My favorite was Sian Khan and floating down the lazy river because it was time to just relax.

I loved the Tulum Jungle Gym and trainer Katie Davies.  The gym was made from wood and had a spectacular beach front view of the ocean.  With a view like that, how could you not want to work out there? Katie, the retreat fitness instructor and owner of the Jungle Gym, was very encouraging and for every exercise she provided both a modifier and a challenge. There was not pressure, but a sense that she simply wanted you to challenge yourself to push.  It was so much fun.


Tell us about your Fit and Fly Girl experience. What did you do, what did you enjoy?

I enjoyed the workouts and excursions. I loved getting away.  I loved having everything planned, but it also seemed we had little time to really relax on the beach or head into town to do some shopping.  I would recommend the retreat, but suggest getting a detailed itinerary before committing and ask questions based on the schedule. This was my first retreat.  I liked it.  I felt Katie, the retreat instructor, and Kathy, the retreat host, did an amazing job. Looking back, I would pace my workouts a little differently and not feel so bad in skipping if my body told me it needed rest.


What was it like to be away for a week to focus on yourself and fitness and being around likeminded women?

Being away to focus on myself was my true purpose of the retreat.  Having a trainer was a bonus and I learned a lot to bring back and add to my current routines.  I enjoy being around other likeminded women because it reminds me of being a part of a sports team again.  I love encouraging others to push to their highest individual level and pass out the high fives after.


Overall, what is one experience you will always remember?

By far… the body movement class Kathy, the retreat host, put on one evening for the ladies who wanted.  It was sensual and reminded me that I am a hot and sexy and that is ok.  I loved this.  My friend Shelby was so nervous but when the class ended, we both walked out with a new strut.


What did you learn about yourself?

That it is ok to breathe and take time for me.  That it is important to connect with women and ok it you don’t hit it off with all.  Maintaining the skills to make conversation and friends outside of Star Wars and Paw Patrol circle is key for my psyche.  It makes me a better me.  It makes me a better mom.


Describe your experience in 3 words.

Challenging, Fun, Reflective