The Summer Shape-Up Series | Abs Workout

Abs Workout: Complete 3 sets of all exercises.

Double Leg Lift: Repeat 20x.
Lie on your back, place your thumbs underneath your hips to support your lower back. Lift both legs up so feet face the ceiling. Engage your core and inhale as you lower your legs together toward the floor. Make sure you tuck the pelvic to protect your lower back as you lower. Draw your belly button in toward your spine as you exhale and lift your legs back to starting position.

Bicycle Crunches: Complete 30 reps.
Lie on your back. Bend your knees to bring your lower legs parallel to the floor. Place your hands behind your head, elbows out wide. Lift your shoulders off the floor and twist your right elbow toward your left knee as you extend your right leg out long to hover. Inhale to starting and exhale taking the same movement on the opposite side. Continue alternating sides

Oblique Jackknifes: Complete 15 reps on each side.
Lie on your left side, reaching your arms overhead and resting your head on your left bicep. Bring your legs a few inches forward and roll back slightly onto your glutes. Inhale to prepare and exhale as you lift your legs and reach with your right hand toward your toes. Keep your core engaged and use your bottom are to support you in your lift.

Mountain Climbers: Complete 30 reps.
Come to a full plank position with a neutral spine. Engage your core as you bring your right knee in toward your left elbow. Step back to starting and then bring your left knee toward right elbow. Continue alternating sides.

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