The Fabletics #21DaysOfMe Challenge: Lagom

Have you heard about the new Swedish lifestyle trend? It’s called lagom—and it’s all about bringing balance to your life. Some people are calling it the new hygge! “Lagom” translates to “just enough” and is all about consistently living somewhere in the middle. We have the 5 ways you can balance your life with this new trend for our #21DaysOfMe challenge. Get ready to memorize this 5-point checklist!

1. Live a more sustainable life
Being aware of the way you are living is one approach to Lagom. Start monitoring what you are consuming, using and start recycling and re-using. An easy way to start this is by using reusable shopping bags. A more sustainable life can also mean knowing where you direct your energy, including how you travel to and from work, what you do after work and where you buy food.

2. A healthier lifestyle
A healthier lifestyle means a more balanced diet. We should eat “not too much, not too little” – we should eat Lagom. But, keep in mind, that this doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself from the little pleasures in life (like a big cinnamon bun or Ben & Jerry’s).

3. Be kind
Be aware of how you make others feel. Think about your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues, even if it doesn’t help your individual needs. It is always nice to be nice.

4. Self-care
It is no secret that humans are busier and more stressed than ever before. Putting Lagom into your life means prioritizing what matters to you in your day-to-day life. Make time for what is important to you, whether that is a 5-minute nap, cuddling with your dog or running. Invest in self-care.

5. Declutter your life
Decluttering your life is all about getting rid of things that do not make you happy and to make room for those that do. For example, declutter your home will benefit you both physically and mentally. A home full of unwanted stuff can cause emotional distress, lack of focus and discomfort. Eliminate this clutter and live lagom.


Today’s Challenge: We’d love to see what represents lagom the most to you. Show us by posting a photo and use #21DaysOfMe.

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