The Fabletics #21DaysOfMe Challenge: Meal Prep

Happy #21DaysOfMe Monday! Today we’re focusing on meal prep. We teamed up with Miss Nutritionist, Rosie Mille, to bring you tips and tricks on how to support your new year resolutions to eat healthier. Check it out below!


It’s January. Which means everyone is on a health kick to lose weight and feel better. Here are my tips for achieving your health goals this year:

1) Whatever your health goals success comes down to preparation and organization. So get organized! This means getting rid of the foods that make you tired and cause weight gain and get stocked up on the fresh foods that give you energy. You will need to make most of your meals from scratch. I recommend preparing your lunches and dinners the night before so you can take them with you to work. You might want to cook big batches so that you have more left overs. It might be an idea to cook half a dozen eggs at a time, for example, so they are ready to go for the week. Also when making smoothies if you make them the night before pop them in the freezer – by the time it thaws out it will still be fresh and only about 5% of the nutrients will be lost.

2) Tupperware. These plastic boxes are a god send when it comes to controlling what you eat. Prepare your meals the night before and pop them in these containers. They are so mobile and keep everything fresh! Its a good idea to stock up on multiple sizes so you can transport salads, boiled eggs and nuts for example.

3) Foods to eat: Focus on fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, lean proteins like chicken, fish and eggs as well as vegetarian proteins such as quinoa, lentils and chickpeas. These are easy to cook with and transport. They will give you energy and support your weight loss and health goals.

4) Foods to avoid: There are three foods that zap your energy: Sugar, caffeine and alcohol. So avoid these three foods for AT LEAST 21 days if you want to notice the benefits. Swap sugar for fresh fruit and homemade date balls or protein bars. Swap caffeine for herbal teas and make sure you drink 1.2 – 2 litres of water every day.

5) Journaling and documenting. Writing a food diary or using apps such as my fitness pal are useful in tracking your progress.

6) Balance blood sugar. Eating every 3 -4 hours will keep your hunger pangs at bay and you are less likely to suffer sugar cravings as a results!

7) Always have healthy snacks on you. That way you won’t get caught out. If you have a healthy snack at hand you will be less tempted to eat those sugary fuelled snacks. Good ideas are protein smoothies, nuts, fruit, humous and crudites.

8) Supplementation. There are a few nutrients to take that will cleanse the system and stop you from having sugar cravings half way through the day. Here are my top 5 choices.

Fish oils
B Vitamins
Milk Thistle


Today’s Challenge: We can’t wait to see your meal prep! Snap a pic for us! Be sure to use #21DaysOfMe.


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