International Women’s Day: Anna Blue


What female achievement inspires you?

The greatest achievement of any woman is BALANCE. So much is expected of women – the way they look, how they take care of their families, how they spend their days (in the office, at home, or hell, even globetrotting), how they conduct themselves in meetings and conversations, and on and on…. Somehow we are supposed to be everything for everyone, and oftentimes we lose ourselves in the process. For women to achieve the ability to balance being mothers and wives and daughters, colleagues, friends, confidantes, healers, changemakers, and to also find the time for wellness of self, is a huge achievement, and I am in awe of any woman who masters this!

What advice do you have for a future generation of female leaders and trailblazers? 

Don’t wait to be a “future” anything! You can lead right now, and this world needs you to lead right now. So whether you’re in elementary school, high school, or just entering the workforce, you can absolutely have an impact and create the change we need. The generations before this upcoming generation have failed in so many ways, I truly hope that Gen Z doesn’t sit around waiting for the future to take action, but rather, realizes the power that they already have and act on it.

What advice do you have for your younger self?

Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s ok to follow your own path, and it’s ok to jump from path to path, and it’s to create a new path even when you’re already so far down the last one. It’s all ok. It’s all apart of the awesome, powerful person you are becoming. Life is challenging and exciting and is going to push and pull and mold you so many times and in so many ways – let it. You don’t need to know where it all will end up, you just need to know that it will all be ok.


Anna Blue is an activist, innovator and leader, who strongly believes equality, change and cheesecake. Anna is the Co-Executive Director of Girl Up, a groundbreaking organization that is training an empowered and powerful generation of young women leaders who promote and defend gender equality in their own communities and around the world. With more than 30,000 girl leaders trained worldwide, Girl Up is proving that GIRLS are the most powerful force for change. Find Anna on Instagram @mrsannablue.