International Women’s Day: Kate Hudson

Fabletics Co-Founder Kate Hudson is our fashion muse, lifestyle guru and constant source of inspiration.

A free-spirited, international style icon, Kate inspires Fabletics designs, while her life as an actress, businesswoman and mom demonstrates how every piece we create needs to di it all. She embodies our passion to live a healthy, active life, connect with ourselves—body, mind and soul—and not take ourselves too seriously. An advocate for supporting and empowering women, she also leads our philanthropic initiatives to ensure that Fabletics is a positive force in the lives of women and girls around the world.

Kate’s unique outlook and vibrant personality fuel us, and remind us that it’s about much more than being the best. It’s about being authentically you.

“This is an interesting time to be a woman. We’re being given the tools every day to feel empowered and to BE empowered. The #metoo movement is continuing to push us forward—we no longer have to live in the shadows. I want every woman to know she is beautiful. Strong. Brave. IMPORTANT. And together, WE ALL MATTER. The choices we make. The things we do. The jobs we have. The lives we live. The people we ARE.”

Read Kate’s International Women’s Day letter here.