The Summer Shape-Up Series | Arms Workout

Arms: Complete 3 sets of all exercises.

Tricep Dips: Complete 15 reps.
Come to a seated position on the floor. Knees bent, palms next to your hips and fingers facing forward. Straighten your arms, as you lift your hips off the floor and bring weight into your heels. Keep your core engaged and elbows pointed straight back as you begin to lower your hips to hover. Squeeze your triceps and straighten your arms to lift back up.

Dolphin push-ups: Complete 10 reps.
Come to a forearm plank with hands interlaced. Walk your feet in until your hips lift high toward the ceiling. Engage your core and shift forward to lower back into a plank, bringing your chin over your interlaced hands. Exhale as you push back lifting the hips high.

Lazy push-ups: Complete 5 reps
Come to a high plank, starting push-up position. Slowly and with control lower yourself all the way to the floor. Rest for 1 second. Engage your entire body, keeping your pelvic tucked to protect your low back and push back up into a full push up.

Army Crawlers: Complete 10 reps.
Start in a plank position. Hands stacked under your shoulders and feet about hip distance. Engage your core as you lower into a forearm plank, one arm at a time. Beginning with the last arm your lowered, press back up into a full plank. Repeat on the opposite side. Alternating sides.

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