A note from Kate: The 5-year plan

I often feel like my goals are endless. I watch my mother's generation, and she and her friends are still constantly setting new goals for themselves. Personally, I believe in a five-year plan. With a five-year plan, your goals are actually attainable because you're giving yourself a reasonable amount of time to accomplish them. I ...


Debunking Workout Myths

Fat is bad for you. This is an old school approach for nutrition. Fat is full of nutrients, oils and helps our body use vitamins…and ladies, fat are great for our skin too. Should you just inhale date and forget about vegetables and proteins, no, but obsessing over fat in avocado, olive/coconut oil is a waste ...


A note from Kate: Journey

The Fabletics journey has been so great thus far. The feedback from our customers has been so positive, and I'm really looking forward to new and innovative pieces to keep everyone excited. I cannot tell you how happy I get when random people approach me on the streets and tell me that they've purchased something ...