No rain. No Rainbow

It was supposed to be a gorgeous, sunny, 85 degree, blue-sky kind of day.  You know, just another day here in paradise known as Hawaii.  I had organized a potluck after our regularly scheduled Sunday yoga class in the park and the activewear company, Fabletics, had sent me some swag to raffle off to my homies.  I even got ...


How To Get Abs With Diet And Exercise

It's a New Year and you are suddenly motivated to get killer abs now! You are over holiday parties, decadent deserts and heavy family comfort foods. You are no longer interested in scouring the internet to Instagram stalk the abs you love, liking your fitspiration's every post, nor lusting after the sculpted abs of the ...


A note from Kate: The 5-year plan

I often feel like my goals are endless. I watch my mother's generation, and she and her friends are still constantly setting new goals for themselves. Personally, I believe in a five-year plan. With a five-year plan, your goals are actually attainable because you're giving yourself a reasonable amount of time to accomplish them. I ...