6 Foods That Help Decrease Bloating

Hi Fabletics Lovers! I’m Sarah, the girl behind the blog, Ingredients of a Fit Chick. My website is dedicated to creating healthy recipes and helping to coach people into reaching their health and fitness goals. Below are some of my favorite food swaps, each designed to help decrease bloating and give you a taut, tight tummy. Water Cut ...


5 Summer Veggies

Although we live in a world where we have access to any type of vegetable year round, I prefer veggies that are seasonal, organic, and found at my local farmers market! Here are my top 5 favorite summer veggies! CucumbersCucumbers are made up of mostly water but also contain many different nutrients that benefit the body. ...


Foods that boost your mood

Has your high from your New Year's resolution found it's way to the gutter?  Has your mood gone down with it?  Have no fear, we're bringing you foods to help boost you back on track. 1. Oranges Pump your body with fresh Vitamin C to get your body feeling refreshed and ready to go.  Need more ...