Spring Cleaning with Yoga

Spring – a time of fresh starts and renewal. The perfect time of year to do some Spring Cleaning, not only for your home but your body too. Our bodies naturally cleanse themselves, getting rid of waste products, but sometimes they need a little boost.


Debunking Fitness Myths

There are so many fitness myths out there, but what if I told you that many of the fitness tips and tricks you’ve probably heard in the past may actually hurt your ability to truly change the shape of your body? Read on for ways to get it right.


6 Foods That Help Decrease Bloating

Hi Fabletics Lovers! I’m Sarah, the girl behind the blog, Ingredients of a Fit Chick. My website is dedicated to creating healthy recipes and helping to coach people into reaching their health and fitness goals. Below are some of my favorite food swaps, each designed to help decrease bloating and give you a taut, tight tummy. Water Cut ...