Tone Up Tip: 3 Do-Anywhere Pilates Moves

Each and every one of our muscles are made up of connecting fibers. The fibers are designed to move with the muscles. For example when you stretch the fibers elongate with the stretch until they reach their maximum potential without causing a tear, which we don’t want. During the process of stretching the muscle whether ...


Exercises for abs, posture and balance

I am always giving homework to my pilates clients; I find it important to enforce the practices that we learn in class. Especially if you are new to pilates, the exercises you do at home should be simple, safe and have layers (modifications and challenges) depending on how your body feels that day. Here are 3 ...


Intro into Pilates by Tracy Conner | Fabletics Master

Pilates is a body conditioning workout that helps develop and build a strong core (abdominals and back), strength and endurance in the entire body (main focus is abs and lower body), speed, agility, flexibility, balance and coordination. It also heightens body awareness, enhances body control and teaches correct muscle activation as well as proper posture ...